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Past events in 2003

Past events in 2003
11th January: A walk from Sedbergh.

8th February: A ride around Longsleddale and Kentmere.

8th March Grizedale Area report by Simeon Orme: After finding that our usually meeting place in Grizedale Forest was closed due to Car Rally, I finally caught up with Pat and Fred at Grizedale Visitor Centre where after quite chat, we took the decision to cancel the ride due to the bad weather conditions ( This was after 12 hours of heavy rain and it was still raining).

12th April Malham Area report by Simeon Orme: I met Pat and Fred in Clapham and after morning coffee in one of the three cafes in the village, we headed out of the village through the tunnels under Ingleborough Hall, up on to Thwaite Lane which we follow through to Austwick. Where we join the tarmac and then follow the road over to Helwith Bridge. After crossing over the B6479 we carry on up Moor Head Lane making stop to take a lay of  clothing off, due to the day getting warmer. After dropping down into Silverdale, we carry along Henside Road  toward Malham Tarn.

After stopping to watch the roe deer in the nature reserve we carry along the bridleway around the Tarn. After passing Malham Tarn House we stop for lunch on the shore of the Tarn.

After lunch we carry along track heading for the bridleway over to Langscar Gate. At Langscar Gate we carry down the road towards Malham before turning on to the bridleway over to Stockdale and then after good hour we came out on to Stockdale Lane, where we enjoyed a freewheel down to High Hill Lane. After short distance we turn on to Lambert Lane (another bridleway) which we follow to start of Mitchell Lane where we turn on to another bridleway, which we follow down through Lodge Farm to the B6480, which we followed into Settle.

Has it was getting near 4.00pm, we decided to stop at one of Settle many cafes for afternoon tea.

After spending a good half hour in the cafe we continue on through lanes back to Clapham  via Giggleswick, Lawkland and Austwick.

20th April Castle Bolton (Easter Meet) report by Simeon Orme:
After meeting outside Grinton Lodge Youth Hostel, we headed across the short bridleway on to the Redmire Road, where the other RSF group in front of us turn off to follow a track along Harkside Moor and then the road to Askrigg. We continue up the Redmire Road and then turn off on to the bridleway going up to Greets Hill, with Trevor Sowerbutts, Geoff Bell and David Hall in the lead and after short photo stop at the summit to regroup, we headed down into Apedale.

After crossing the bridge over Apedale Beck, we had another short climb before dropping down to Castle Bolton for morning coffee at the tea room in the Castle.

After coffee Derek and Mary Fouracres left the party to carry on my road and the rest of us continue along the bridleway towards Askrigg. We stop for lunch just above Carperby and sheltered behind an wall from the wind blowing up the valley, with good views of upper Wensleydale which the chairman had order, we settle down for lunch.

After lunch we were treated to a  freewheel down the track, where we met the other rsf party coming from Askrigg, after short exchange of greetings, we continue on. Just above Woodhall, Simon and Helen left us to try out the bridleway to Woodhall Greets and the rest of us continue along the track to Heugh. Where we face the steep climb out of Wensleydale and after regrouping at the summit of  the Fleak, we were treated to freewheel into Swaledale, where we separated with some heading back to Reeth and others back to the Youth Hostel.

10th May: Furness Fell (no ride report).

14th June: Greenfields (no ride report).

21st  to 22nd  June: York Rally.

July: A photo of George Berwick at Reeth by  Derek Fouraces.

27th July: A ride around Coniston Area, report by Simeon Orme: I got to Hawkshead Moor Car park on time, to find, that nobody was waiting for me. So I got the bike out of the van and headed down the valley to the cafe at the Grizedale Centre for morning coffee.
After coffee I followed the forest cycle tracks over to road that runs along the east side of Coniston Water and then followed it passed Brantwood to the head of the lake. I then turned on to the B 5285 and headed towards Hawkhead before tuning off after few hundred yards at Boon Crag Farm to follow the bridleway over to Low Yewdale Farm, where I join the A593 for short while before turning off just before High Yewdale Farm. To head up toward Hodge Close. About mile up this road, turn onto a bridleway which runs parallel with the road up to Hodge Close. I stop for lunch by the famous flooded Quarry at Hodge Close.
After lunch, I continue along the bridleway before turning on to white road which I followed down to Hodge Close, where I followed track (which is byway) down to Stang End and then continue on the road to High Park Farm. Where I join the bridleway which goes through the National Trust’s Tongue Intake Plantation to the yellow road which runs from the A593 to Elterwater. I then followed the A593 for short distance toward Skelwith Bridge before turning off on another bridleway and it follow over to Iron Keld where join the byway which runs from the A593 around the back of Tarn Hows to Knipe End.
At Knipe End, I follow the lanes through to the car park at High Cross where I join the forest cycle track again which I follow back to the van at Hawkshead Moor Car Park.

9th August: A ride around Borrowdale/ Breatherdale Area, report by Simeon Orme: With the CTC’s Birthday rides still on, I set off by self from Sedbergh along Howgill lane and the Fairmile Road ( which form part of the Old Roman road up the Lune Valley) towards Borrowdale. I soon stop to take a layer of clothing off, as temperatures had started to raised, as found out later on in day, this was one of the hottest of the year.
After crossing the A685, I enter into the Borrowdale valley and followed the track up the valley pass Low Borrowdale and High Borrowdale Farms. Has I was myself, I decided at the second bridge which crosses over Borrow Beck, to keep on the right side of the valley and follow the bridleway up to the Bresthigh Road ( which is Byway) and it look ok to do on the map but its one of these track you do only once. After about hour of pushing bike through bracken and crossing a few fords, I made it to Bresthigh Road and wishing I stay on the main Borrowdale track and cross over at ford, bit further up the valley.
As it was one o’clock, I stop for some lunch and to cool down and look at the views.
After lunch, I carry on up the Bresthigh Road and stop every five minutes just to be cool down by the breeze blowing up from Morecambe Bay. There fine views of the South Lakes has continue up to the summit.
Has I made my way down into Breatherdale there were one small and one big mechanical diggers parked on the side of the track, it look like they were being use to improved the surface of the track.
Further on down the track I was able to get on to the bike to ride to the end of the track and continue on through Midwath Stead and Roundthwaite to join the A685. I then continue back along the Fairmile Road and Howgill Lane to Sedbergh

26th to 28th September:‘Dent Weekend’ at Hawes. Walking With Bicycles a report on the weekend by Peter Huxford: I have to admit, I was a little nervous . I had first come across the Rough Stuff Fellowship at the CTC rally in York. Large colour photographs of members , astride glaciers in Iceland or crossing deserts in Rhajistan where impressive but little daunting. However , I noted the web site address and eventually found a trip that coincided with a free weekend.
The Dent weekend was a two-day event in Hawes in Wensleydale. It seemed a modest start, a comfortable drive from York, after which I could decide whether I really was membership material.
I was greeted at the hostel by Simeon, with a membership pack including the latest edition of the magazine. I was immediately encouraged by the cover photograph. . Here was evidence that walking uphill was not a cri
minal offence but an act that could be glorified in full glossy colour. One of my main anxieties evaporated on the spot – I knew I could do that!
Saturday dawned , clear blue skies with a mist covering the Valley. After a cooked breakfast and a fairly leisurely congregation around the bike shed . we set off. The first section took us down Wensleydale on back roads until we reached Bainbridge. I was a little taken aback, having barely covered five miles, to see the rush for the tea shop, whose doors are barely opened. Don't get me wrong, for me cycling and teashops are inextricably entwined but at this rate . we would barely get to Aysgarth by the main road let alone over the tops. However, i
t was pointed out by experienced colleagues that, if I wanted tea and tea-cakes at all, this was the last chance I would get until, well, tea-time.
This turned out to be true but the teacake weighed heavily as we headed out of the village up a near vertical lane. I was pleased to be able to remain in the saddle, or at least on the pedals as we climbed high above Semer Water with the sun getting warmer by the minute. Eventually we turned off the tarmac onto a stony track which continued to climb getting gradually steeper so that one by one we were forced to dismount
Waiting by a gate we looked back at the scattered groups plodding upwards engrossed in lively conversation. As the stragglers caught up I could see we were a diverse collection. Bikes ranged form ‘classic’ road bikes to the latest in mountain bike technology with a tandem for good measure. Ages ranged from a few years to, well, even older than me. Some had crossed continents while others had never previously been to Yorkshire, or at least would not have admitted to it. Some had been “fellows” for years while others had just joined. None of this seemed to matter particularly as it was the views, the fresh air and the company that has brought us together.
As we reached the each the top we turned onto a grassy track heading along the ridge and stopped to shelter behind a dry stone wall to eat our pack-ups. A long relaxed lunch break was only broken by Simeon accosting every passer-by w
ith membership forms and well rehearsed sales-pitch. Despite the continuing sun the wind on the tops had most of us in our windproof tops
As we set off along the grassy bridleway along Stake Fell. It was in fairness mountain-bike terrain and many continued to walk their bikes. As a result , the group spread out a little more, bunching at each gate. I took my turn at holding the gates open, taking the opportunity to recognise the faces of my fellow travelers rather than their backsides.
Eventually we came to the long downhill run into Bishopdale. Here, tempted by fat tyres, front suspension and a long downhill single track, I let myself be led astray by two young tearaways and we headed for the valley bottom as fast as good sense would allow (or perhaps a little faster). I don’t mind the climbs, in fact I quite enjoy them, but I do believe in reaping the benefit of all that kinetic energy earned at such great cost. Every touch of the brakes surely a crime against gravity.
As a result, the three of us arrived in the village in Thoralby in good time so we went along to the pub to refresh ourselves and wait for the others. Unfortunately something in the equation of food, hot drink and Saturday afternoon did not compute in the landlords business plan so we carried on to Aysgarth to wait for our comrades in the comfort of a tea room with a strategic view of the road to Hawes.
Our tea and toasted tea cakes long finished, it became gradually clear that Simeon’s itinerary had followed a different route and so we made our own way back to Hawes on minor roads in the rain which had now arrived - though far too late to spoil the day.
Everyone got back to the hostel in due course and after a hot shower and a big supper we settled down for a slide show of various members walking their bikes in various exotic locations. Before long I was idly dreaming of expeditions to Iceland and Corsica and could offer no resistance when Simeon came round with his membership forms.
So its on to the website to find another convenient weekend, confident of some good company, great countryside - and maybe even a bit of cycling.

8th November:  A ride to Skeggles Water, ride report by Simeon Orme: I met Don Dalton and Cliff Brown at the Kendal Leisure Centre
, after getting the bikes out of the cars; we headed through the back streets of Kendal to Morrison’s on the A6 for morning coffee, where we put the world right over coffee.
After coffee we follow the A6 for short while, before turning off on to Gillthwaiterigg Road which followed till we turn off on Garnett Bridge Road, which we followed up to Garnett Bridge, where we crossed over the River Sprint. We then followed the road up Longsleddale to Sadgill, where we cross back over the River Sprint, to follow part of the public byway to Stile End.
In Sadgill Wood, we stop for lunch and had fine views of Longsleddale in the valley below. After lunch we continue along the public byway before turning off on to the bridleway for Skeggle Water.
After we climb out of Longdleddale and over Cocklaw Fell we treat to our first views of Skeggle Water.
We slowly followed bridleway which follows the ridge over Green Quarter Fell and down to Staveley Head Fell. At Park House, the track finally hit the tarmac where our speed pick up for appointment at Wilf’s in Staveley.
After visiting Wilf’s, we followed the lanes on the east side of the River Kent back to Kendal.

26th  December: Boxing Day Walk, report by Simeon Orme: Another year had past again; it was time for the Group’s annual Boxing Walk with our friends from Lancaster CTC Section, like in the past few years we met again at the Leighton Moss RSPB centre in Sliverdale & Arnside area of outstanding Natural Beauty and if you wondering why we keep coming back to this area, just check out the
HYPERLINK "http://www.arnsidesilverdaleaonb.org.uk/"website . After reading the sites home page, then check out the local Ordnance Survey map of the area (Kendal to Morecambe Sheet 97) and you see why we keep coming back each year instead of heading up to Lakes or the Yorkshire Dales.
Anyway getting back to the walk, it had started to rain on Christmas Day and continue through the night, it was still raining when I arrive at the car park; I was surprise to find RSF members Don & Eileen Dalton from Leyburn and Keith Mills from Bolton waiting for me, we were soon join by Pat and Fred Lloyd (The Rough-Stuff Fellowship’s President and Vice President), then by Alan Parkinson and Ray Moss from Lancaster CTC Section.
It was soon decided we would head towards Silverdale Village, as Alan son Steven had invited us for morning coffee, we left Eileen sitting in Don new 4x4 reading the paper and we headed out past the railway station, then followed the footpath over the older part of Sliverdale golf course to the Row. We continue up the road toward Row before taking the footpath towards Sliverdale Green but we soon had to back track to the road due to the path being flooded. We carry along the road a bit further before taking another footpath across to Sliverdale Green and then follow the road into Sliverdale village, where Alan guide us to Steven’s home.
After everyone had taken off their waterproofs and boots, we greet with Christmas cake and tea, after long chat, we said our goodbyes and carry on with the walk. Yes it was still raining.
We followed the path over to Cove Well where the tide was in, before we made our way up to the Pepper Pot on King William’s Hill, where we stop for lunch. We then carry on through Eaves Wood down to the road which followed around to Red Bridge and then follow the footpath back to the cars at Leighton Moss, where we headed to the tea room for afternoon tea before we depart our separate ways.
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