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York Rally Weekend 2003

21st to 22nd June 2003: York Rally Weekend
Someone looking at the stand.
Richard Harris
The RSF Stand
A closer view of the stand.
RSF members
RSF members
At the RSF Stand
Passing the stand
The CTC president looking around.
Looking at the stand
The view from the stand
The view from the RSF Stand
Report of the weekend by Simeon Orme
New Members
Six new members join at the stand this year.
Membership Promotion
To each new member who join at the stand this year one copy of the Early Years and a vinyl sticker were given away.
York Rally Committee Prize
One membership of the Fellowship was given as prize to the York Rally Committee and as not been claim yet.
Stand Photographs
With the purchase of A4 laminator, all the photo’s from last years Rally were laminated to increase the life of the prints. A further 30 photographs were added to the stand’s collection my the stand manager which have also be laminated.
The Stand Manager would like to thank the following members Simon Preston, Ken Glaze, Irene Southart, John Kemp, Colin Champion, Simeon Orme, and Fred & Pat Lloyd for lending their photographs or slides to the Fellowship for this year’s stand, so that a digital image could be taken from them.
We had a lot of good comments from members and the general public about the photo’s on the stand and that they were better than last years.
The Stand manager would be grateful for any photographs or slides or digital images (ie. jpeg files), showing the fellowship in action that members could lend him. As thank you, he will usually send A4 print of one photo’s or slides on returning them to the member.
Improvements to the Stand
This year three director chairs have be purchase for comfort of the volunteers who man the stand over the weekend and should reduce costs over the coming years, as we use to hire chairs from the York Rally Committee.
A small display stand as be made by Fred Lloyd to display the current & past Journals on the front part of the stand.
Members Signing the visitor book
89 members sign the stands visitor’s book this year, this was an improvement from last year where 83 members sign the visitor’s book.
Volunteers who man the Stand over the Weekend
On behalf of the Fellowship the stand manager would like to thank the following people: Fred & Pat Lloyd, Don Dalton, Richard Harris, Simon Preston, Helen Ralphs, ‘Rocket’ Ron Davies, Sandra & Trevor Sowerbutts, Caroline & John Palfry and Simeon Orme.
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