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23rd December 2001: Christmas Walk at Rivington Barn

23rd  December 2001: Christmas Walk at Rivington Barn
In time old tradition of the Fellowship, with over twenty members from across the North West of England meet at the Upper Barn near the village of Rivington, Horwich. For the annual Lancashire Group Christmas Walk to meet old friends and to exchange Christmas cards over meal in the Barn and then afterwards to be led on a walk by Bob Harrison (President of the Fellowship from 1969 to 1985).

Simeon Orme

There was a touch of Christmas for our Annual Walk, with a covering of snow on the moors. Twenty members turned up for lunch at Rivington Top Barn, but only twelve ventured out for the walk. With the ground frozen solid, it was bridlepaths and footpaths for nearly all all of the five miles walked, in which we visited the ruins of farms that, sixty years ago, were hard working. Their names bring memories flooding back “Sweetloves”, now a car park, “Old Rachels”, just a pile of stones, “Higher House” which has a memorial plaque to a C.T.C member.

On the short bit of tarmac we walked, near the summit of the Rivington - Belmont road, the Mountain Rescue and recovery trucks were busy pulling cars from gullies after they had lost control on the ice.

Back at the Barn for tea we were entertained by the local brass band playing a selection of Christmas carols, bringing an end to a very enjoyable day.

Bob Harrison (South-West Lancashire Section) 
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