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Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson
I did not know Joe that well but he built me a back wheel which lasted for several years and usually saw him at York Cycle Show before he headed up to Scotland for his Summer holidays, one year even help take down the Rough-Stuff Fellowship Stand at the show, I know many cyclists in the North West of England will miss his wheel building skills and think its only right to honour him has a Off-road cycling hero on this web site.

Simeon Orme

Joe Thompson died aged 76 on June 18th in St. Catherine’s Hospice, Preston. He was one of four sons growing up on a farm in the Broughton area, near Preston, Lancashire. Most of his working life was spent driving a lorry. He was a member of Preston CTC , and joined the Fellowship in 1956, and remained a member until the end of his life.

Along with fellow RSF members he traversed Striding Edge, with bike, to celebrate the YHA’s Silver Jubilee in 1956.

For many years he rode up to Scotland for summer, where he camped and stayed in bothies, returning home around October. He was well known for the high quality wheels he built for friends and various cycle shops. A man of many talents he produced his own waterproof jackets, shorts and cycling trousers on an old sewing machine. Joe enjoyed a simple life: a bike for pleasure and transport, no television, only owning a mobile phone late in life (for emergency use only). Joe was a person who called a spade a spade and held strong views on many things but had s softer side and underneath was very kind hearted.

September / October 2008 issue of ‘The Rough-Stuff Journal’.
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