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'The Dent Weekend' How it began and ended by Bob Harrison

“The Dent Weekend”. How it began and ended by Bob Harrison
The first weekend was the 2nd-3rd November 1962 and having ridden up on the Saturday, found 30 members booked in. That night we had a bonfire in front of the hostel, followed by members slides. A few of the locals came along, one providing a projector and screen, then about 10 pm a excellent boffet was put on by the warden Kath and Husband Les. This was the pattern for the years that followed.
It became the practice to ride out after work on Friday to various hostels, Kendal, Kirby Stephen, Slaidburn, Barley and Earlby, from which we could do a variety of routes to Dent. Almost every year the hostel became fully booked with 70 beds. There was one occasion when a dozen of us had to be bedded down at the warden’s private residence about a mile away. There where never any duties given out by the warden, we knew what had to be done and got on with the job.
While going to the Easter Meet at Peebles in 1968, a call was made to Dent where a projector was presented by the Lancashire Group. This was followed by a screen given by Eric Jowet of Harrogate.
Earley became a regular Friday night stop, where the local chippy was patronised, followed by slides put through a compact projector brought along by Jack Green from Worsley.
I resigned as Lancashire Secretary in 1975 after 20 years, the group was taken over by cycling companion of 50 years Gerry Swift and the “Dent Weekend” continued for further 6 years. Geoff Newey stepped  in and carried on the tradition for two years when the pattern was broken. It was still called “The Dent Weekend” but various other hostels where used. So liked the “Wayfarer Weekend” the “Dent Weekend” is just a very fond memory.
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